Targeted Weight Loss Without the Scalpel

Targeted Weight Loss Without the Scalpel

When considering weight loss programs, people may turn to medical spas or weight loss clinics to help them achieve their health goals. These facilities offer alternatives to surgical weight loss approaches and are supervised by medical professionals to provide clients with support and guidance. If you’re interested in non-invasive weight loss Long Island, read on to learn about some of the techniques available.

Injections for Weight Loss

Combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, lipotropic injections can improve the body’s ability to rid itself of excess fat. Also referred to as fat-burning injections, these injections are a mixture of vitamins and minerals that boost fat-burning and improve a client’s energy levels. While the mixture of injections varies by facility, most contain variations of vitamin B.

Laser Therapy for Weight Loss

A laser technique, also known as laser liposuction, uses low energy laser beams to reduce the size of fat cells within a targeted area of the body. This noninvasive technique creates holes within the fat cells, causing them to leak and shrink in size. Since the fat cells are still present, this is a temporary fix that may take multiple visits for desired results.

Heat and Cold Therapy for Weight Loss

Application of extreme heat or cold to problem areas can lead to the destruction of excess fat cells. When using extreme cold, a process, freezing plates are used to compress areas of fat for a specific amount of time, destroying the fat cells. On the other hand, heating the excess fat layer can destroy excess fat cells with the use of radiofrequency waves. Both methods permanently remove fat cells and can be applied to various to parts of the body including the belly, legs, and arms.

By offering non-invasive techniques, medical weight loss clinics and spas can offer clients an alternative to surgery that requires extensive recovery time.