Beauty Care For Hands and Feet

Anyway, it’s still not too late to make amends. There are loads of things that you can do to pamper your hands and feet without going to a beauty salon.

You should take care of your hands and nails. As far as your hands are concerned, taking care of your nails is a must. Massaging them every two days will help those with soft nails that break easily. Besides, always keep a moisturizer handy at work. Using some moisturizer once in a while is a good idea. Another way to harden soft nails would be to soak them in warm olive for 20 minutes every second day.

For starters, while you are doing your washing chores, you can let the soap stay on your foot and brush it off once your chores are over. You could try the milk and wheat flour combination on your feet as well. Believe it or not, toothpaste is known to be great for cleaning and softening the feet. You can round off with a short massage with a cream or a moisturizer.